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Dishwash Gel

Wipe Food off your Dishes ASAP

You’d be surprised how much tougher it is to wash food that has been sitting on a dish for 12 hours. If you wipe it sooner it makes everything easier When dirty dishes hang around for a while, moisture evaporates from the food and creates a solid bond to the surface it is sitting on…you get the picture.

Use the Hottest Water you Can Bare

The hotter the water, the better. It makes the food break away from surfaces easier, it helps break down grease, and it aides your glasses and cutlery to dry without spots or streaks.

Time to Soak

For really stubborn food deposits, time is on your side. If you have a really dirty pot, pan or dish, you can use a few drops of dish liquid and water, and let those tough, baked-on food bits loosen overnight. In the morning, you should be able to easily wipe everything away. You can also sprinkle in some baking soda when cleaning the next morning for a little extra mild abrasion!

Invest in a Good Sponge and Other Dish Washing Tools

You can find name brand sponges at your local store (kirana)or big box stores, just make sure it’s not one with metal material, The one I have in my kitchen are the one from the scotch-brite. This puts the ‘fun’ in functional! Other great tools that you can use include dish wash brush!

Don’t Let Dishes Pile Up!

Unlike fine wine or an artisan cheese dirty dishes, tend not to age very well. What’s worse is that the dish pile is only going to grow bigger and bigger – and your interest level in washing them is going to get smaller and smaller. So, don’t let your sink turn into Mount Dishmore (this place exists, in each of our minds). Tackle the dishes every night, that way they’ll never get out of hand and become overbearing. And remember, the cleanliness of your sink can make or break the cleanliness of your entire kitchen.

Wash in the Right Order

Wash your dishes from the least greasy to most greasy, which usually looks like this:

  • – first your glassware and any drinking vessels,
  • – then wash your cutlery,
  • – then wash your plates and bowls and such,
  • – then wash greasy stuff like serving dishes and any really greasy items, and finally
  • – wash your pots and pans.

You may have to drain and re-fill the water as needed, especially if you notice it getting really greasy.

And last but not the least


Everything is better with some music a few of those dance moves you’ve got , you know it too!



Nowadays, washing machines use less water and detergent is far more concentrated. An excess of detergent can break down fabrics faster, resulting in dingy clothes and the machine to wear out faster. To see if you’re guilty of using too much detergent, Suggestions are running your washer with four to five clean towels (one for a top loader) in hot water. Don’t add any cleaning products. After five minutes, if you see any suds in the water or on the towels, you’re using way too much detergent.



Ever wished of doing laundry with your children???
Ever wished they could help you juust a little bit??
Maybe just as a way to bond with them or maybe just teach them a thing or two!
We’ll we’ve got a few tips for you!

You never know laundry might become the thing they love’

Laundry with toddlers:

When you are doing laundry, use the clothes to play games like:

  • * Matching colors (great for pairing socks!)
  • * Identifying and matching shapes
  • * Counting
  • * Folding skills – start with washcloths and small items that are easy to fold.

Laundry with school kids

  • * Place laundry baskets in every bedroom and bathroom. Divided hampers are useful for sorting colors and whites.
  • * Show children how to hang up clothes and install closet rods low enough so kids can reach them.
  • * Label dresser drawers with words or pictures so children can put away clothes.
  • * Explain the difference between dirty clothes and those that have been worn but are wearable again. This will cut down on your loads, save money, and kids will appreciate knowing the difference when they do their own laundry.

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